According to the New Testament, the responsibility for the proper apportionment of a believer's giving is a matter of individual conscience rather than a function of the church (2 Corinthians 9:6-7).

When Christians learn to regard 'their' possessions as belonging not to them, but to God, they develop a joyful sense of freedom from the instinct of possessiveness. They view their possessions as a divine investment placed in their care for the purpose of ministry. As a result, their giving is not based on legalistic calculations of grudgingly accepted regulations. Rather, it becomes the spontaneous heart response of grateful people who answer cheerfully and generously to God's love. The biblical measure for giving is to be found in a grateful heart (Acts 20:35).

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For those that use the Net to do banking, you will already be familiar with Direct Deposit via Funds Transfer. These funds can be directly debited from your bank account to Hills Bible Church. You can set up Direct Deposits to be "one-off" or "periodic". [Account details below.]

Name of Account: Hills Bible Church

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